Sasikumar.B is a music professional specializing in Background music production and sound design. Originating from Chennai, this talented individual stepped into music industry through the experimentation of his own ideas he found a passion for making his own music.

This creativity quickly fueled a desire to pursue a career in production, leading him to develop his skills and enhancing his composition,sound design and production technique even further.

So far he has scored music over 125+ projects( 50+ short films in 9 different languages, 5+ movies, TV Series,Web Series, 70+ games including PC Game and commercial AD's..

A keen music technologist, Sasikumar.B love of synthesis sees him crafting unique and varied new sounds for use within his productions.

His music reflects the broad range of his interests, from Epic,electronic to film and classical, with elements of each influencing his work.

His unique uplifting, euphoric sound has attracted support from many Indie film directors earning him an ever-growing fan base around the world. Along with this,Sasikumar.B is Owner of SK BGM and teaching a piano,music theory and music production for the young people.